• Click and Collect

    Pick up in store whether ordered online, or on the web. Stock levels by branch visible in stores and online. Automatically transfer goods to the customer's chosen pick-up location.
  • Omnichannel Returns

    Return online purchases to any branch, as well as to warehouse. Purchases from one branch can be returned at any other.
  • Loyalty Everywhere

    Single universal loyalty programme accessible in branches, website, and call centre.
  • Single Customer Record

    Single view of the customer incorporating in-store, online, and call centre engagement. Easily update customer details for all channels from one place.
  • Endless Aisle

    Website can sell stock from stores, a store can take an order for products in another store. You control the visibility of products and fulfilment of orders across channels.
  • Flexible Loyalty Programmes

    Loyalty across stores and web. Loyalty programme per storefront. Points-based or complex tiers, tied to discount and promotions. Ad hoc and scheduled customer communications from Ontempo or through your web provider.
  • Promotions

    Your customer always gets the best offers and price. Run any number of offers at the same time, regardless of type: percent or fixed-price discounts, BOGO, across any combination of products and styles. Schedule batches to run regularly and reward customers with exclusive-access coupons. Promotions go live for web and bricks-and-mortar at the same time, and changes are pushed to both.
  • Point of Sale Solution

    Desktop and mobile POS systems, with integration to major payment providers. Paperless receipts. Manage staff branch tasks from the POS apps they already use.
  • In-Store Handhelds

    iOS and Android devices to assist your customers on the spot, without the barrier of a counter: look up stock, process stock requests, and make counterless sales. Stocktake with greater accuracy using your handheld device's scanner and have that data available in Ontempo Retail within minutes, and immediate visibility of variances.
  • Warehouse Handhelds

    Handheld devices guide your pickers along the most efficient path for their pick run. Pick for branch stock and customer orders, check contents of any totes, and continue picking or put away for later use. Mark stock locations as low, empty, or mixed as you find them. Easily stocktake and clean up locations.
  • Plan your Range

    Starting from the idea of the product, plan your range, add the detail of the product through to the order and its SKU allocations. Create products one at a time or import in bulk from a spreadsheet. Easily maintain core lines.
  • Reporting

    Sales analysis and Excel based reports using your data stored in our reporting cube. Run reports on top and bottom stock, details, by supplier, colour and/ or size. Performance reporting across branches and staff. Customise and schedule reports.
  • Built-in Data Warehouse

    Fast reports based on branches, customers, products, promotions using our built-in data warehouse. Or use Zentempo for ad hoc reporting in Excel.
  • Product Hierarchy

    Define your products using Ontempo's three-tiered product hierarchy, Season, Subseason, Label, Story and endless custom attributes.
  • Manufacturing Kits

    Track your manufacturing milestones: lab dips, fit samples, production samples.
  • Inventory Status

    Easily determine whether inventory is perfect, faulty, or missing. Peace of mind for you and your customers that they are getting only quality product.
  • Forecasting and Allocation

    See exactly what you have on hand, for easy forecasting of core lines or new styles. Allocate stock across your stores, and easily consolidate it.
  • Automate Replenishment

    Set and maintain your stores' minimum stock levels, and automate replenishment.
  • Customer Order Management

    Webstore orders are visible to store staff and store orders are immediately reflected online. Cancel, change where the stock is shipped from, amend products at any time.
  • Suggested Supplier Orders

    Intelligent ordering using your inventory levels; Ontempo suggests what needs replenishing and how much is required.
  • Complete Inventory Visibility

    Reduce 'out of stock' events by working with real-time numbers for stock on hand, available for orders, in-transit, and committed to orders.
  • Ecommerce Integration

    Integrate with your preferred web partner. Products, images, offers, loyalty, prices, customers, and custom attributes are maintained in Ontempo and synchronised with web and POS. Customers can view and change their details online, and your Ontempo Retail database will reflect these changes. Blackpepper, Magento partners Overdose and Ecommistry, Shopify partner Pocketsquare, and Solutionists.
  • Accurate Warehouse Picking

    Scan each item on a pick run. Scan a SKU or tote to see details and required action.
  • Efficient Warehouse Operations

    Use a handheld to pick with totes or trolleys for retail branches, web, or catalogue fulfilment. Easily free up pickface locations and perform mini stocktakes when a SKU is reaching low levels. Mark pickface locations as low stock, empty, or having mixed stock that requires sorting. Efficiently replenish pickface from bulk. Return stock to any suitable location. Park incomplete totes.
  • Flexible Warehouse Solution

    Work with your warehouse's layout: bulk and pickface locations, trolleys custom-built for your needs.
  • Comprehensive Warehouse Hardware

    Handheld scanners can be used for picking, keeping locations and their stock organised, stocktaking, and to put stock away. Picking trolleys (and forklifts) are equipped with tablets and touchscreen apps, that guide operators through pickfaces (or bulk) on the most efficient path. Multiple branch orders can be filled simultaneously, with the automated 'Put to Light' system - a lighting system that highlights the correct box for the scanned SKU. Dispatch stations can be equipped with scales and label printers. The operator simply weighs, scans the carton and attaches the resultant delivery label.
  • Standalone Warehouse

    Use the rest of the Ontempo suite, or integrate our warehouse solution with your existing ERP system.

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