Modern Warehouse Management/Dispatch solution

Wireless picking

Stocktake functionality

Pickface or Put to Light options

Interface to any ERP system

Ontempo Warehouse allows you to kiss many of your picking staff goodbye - fewer people making the fewest possible mistakes.


Ontempo Warehouse offers the greenest warehouse. Minimum number of staff, paperless, low cost-low complexity devices that minimise manufacturing impact. Off peak power used for battery charging.


Ontempo Warehouse is economical to own and low cost to change. It is based on PC hardware and standard commercial software development tools. No NC programming


Ontempo Warehouse is designed to “keep it simple” and to provide the tools to maximise productivity where the operator meets the device. Simplify is the goal. Reduce movement to the minimum. Optimise the User interface. Use large displays and simple processes. Eliminate guesswork and interpretation. If it doesn’t add to the process, don’t do it.


Ontempo staff have utilised their experience of over 20 years in the retail marketplace providing solutions for fashion and general retail to develop a highly flexible, 'off-the-shelf' package suitable for the vast majority of warehouse picking operations.


Using the very latest Microsoft technology, Ontempo Warehouse is available on Windows platforms. The middleware module provides standard, open XML-based interfaces that can be interfaced to any ERP system, is highly configurable and which delivers seamless integration processes.


Ontempo has installed its Ontempo Warehouse solution into high throughput environments to support retail branch picking, customer based webshop and catalogue fulfilment, wave and store based Put to Light. Operator productivity has been improved by a multiplier.



​Ontempo Warehouse - The Warehouse Management System (Ontempo Warehouse) from Ontempo is a best- of-breed turnkey solution for the modern warehouse, incorporating integrated hardware and software with the latest in Radio Frequency (RF) technology and purpose configured equipment. If you have a paper based system and install Ontempo Warehouse you can expect to halve the number of picking staff that you employ. Ontempo Warehouse will manage your warehouse efficiently supporting store based picking for Retailers and Customer wave based picking for Distribution and 3PL together with Customer Order based picking and dispatch for webshop B2C customers.



​​Wireless picking based on a simple local server for resilience and latency.


Network is based on standard low cost access points. These can be installed separate to an internal network if this is a requirement.


Equipped forklift for Putaway and collection of stock for Pick Face or Put to Light arrays. The equipment includes a PC, a 12" touch screen for clear display of instruction and a Bluetooth scanner. Operator is guided to DC location and scans barcode selected. Advice of where to return the stock if it is incorrect. Screen updates realtime as conditions and operators priority change. FIFO location management ensures that the DC is as clean and efficient as possible


Warehouse management scanner. These scanners can be used for putaway, DC management, Stocktake count, Picking if applicable


Equipped picking trolley guides operator through pickface by location. There is a PC, battery and power management equipment, scanner and a 12" touch screen that displays location and instructions in large clear fonts. Picking is hands free for maximum speed. Each picked item is scanned for immediate correction of any wrong picks. Operator advised of the location to put the incorrect stock back into. Trolleys may have one (branch) or more (customers usually) carton or picking tote and the operator is advised the correct location for the just picked item. Trolleys with multiple totes may have a lighting system to highlight the correct bin/s for the item scanned. For permanent racking of smaller items, it could be possible to use the Trolley fora reverse pick operation.


Put to Light arrays may be set up for high speed high volume operation. The array has one or several bays of up to 16 locations and the operator is guided along the array putting the indicated quantity in the highlighted bin and pressing the Complete button. Each bay has a Thin Client controller, a display of the bay's status and a scanner to induct in new cartons and for other management functions. The array is under the control of a separate PC.


Packing station may be equipped with scales (and in some cases volume meters) and Label printers. The operator simply weighs, scans the carton and puts on the resultant delivery label. A manifest is built for a number of common couriers and new interfaces can be developed.



Interface to ERP is supported through files (FTP) and/or Web Services. Relevant data is downloaded to the DC SQL Server instance (usually SQL Express) and this may contain product data, packing data including barcodes for item, inner and outer depending on the packaging, Branch and/or customer addresses, delivery schedule details and other master data. Receipting may be through paperwork by the ERP, or scanned by the Orders are exported by the ERP and imported into Ontempo Warehouse


Putaway. DC Management is based on FIFO. The DC may be run with fixed locations and/or random locations for Bulk. Stock may be stored in several locations and/or virtual or physical warehouses. Ontempo Warehouse will direct the DC management and Replenishment staff to the oldest location first, thus leaving a clean efficient warehouse with minimum consolidation.


DC Management. Is supported by real time reporting and a number of tools to manage deliver to locations, shipping schedules, pickface prestock and replenishment.


Webshop orders. As eCommerce builds many WMS are struggling. Ontempo Warehouse has specific functionality to support customer orders and minimise warehouse effort. Wave picks with specialised sort and dispatch or trolley picks with multiple LED enabled totes are supported. Well over 100 customer orders per hour per staff member can be expected.


Trolley Picks. For Retail warehouses and wave operated wholesale warehouses pickfaces and trolleys may be appropriate. Ontempo Warehouse has customised trolleys.


Put to Light. High speed operation is supported through a specialised PTL that offers pick speeds of well over 1000 units per hour per operator


Dispatch. Simply a step in the DC process, Dispatch is built in to Ontempo Warehouse. Scales and volume tools can be supported. Courier interfaces are available and additional ones can be developed at short notice. Remote calls to Freight costing and/or address format tools can be supported.

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