Supports Omnichannel strategy (allow customers to shop/deliver/pick up/return anywhere)

Full function no compromise Point of Sale (POS) with all forms of payment

Lookup and order/transfer stock anywhere in supply chain

Integrates with any network

Tight security

Real-time transactions

Fully operational offline in case of loss of communications


Ontempo store is designed to be the best multichannel Point of Sale (POS) for larger customers with between 6 and 500 stores who have complex requirements. Ontempo store allows the retention of existing infrastructure, security and payments options while also delivering the best multichannel customer experience.


Store in Store is a vision that has been beckoning for some years, but as the supplychain fragments and customers force a move towards global pricing, Brands and eCommerce will provide a path towards easy access to data. Ontempo Store allows sales across a number of "owners" of the stock with immediate update back to the "owners" and for the customer, a single payment through any supported means.

Outgrown your simple web based POS?

While these work for smaller or one dimensional businesses, they are not suitable for complex stock management, sophisticated offers to the customer and are very loose in terms of security. Ontempo store handles all of these requirements and is the real time POS that will still trade when communications are down. Get in touch today for a no obligation chat.

Ontempo Store Features


  • Fully multichannel Point of Sale (POS) Sell in the webstore and pickup/return/exchange in store

  • Order in store for delivery to work or home

  • Ship from Store

  • Look up stock anywhere in business/supplychain

  • Automatic Stock requests for transfer of correct item to pick up in store

  • Environment friendly email receipt option 

  • Compatible with all networks and obeys security rules

  • Fully online and each transaction updated to Head Office as soon as it is completed

  • Standalone operation for loss of communications

  • Integrated with all NZ EFTPOS and PC EFTPOS in Australia

  • Supports all major forms of payment

  • Integrated Customer Centric operation

  • Much more




  • Ease of use ensuring that the operator does not have to think about the mechanical operation of the system

  • Speed of response ensuring that the operator is not frustrated during the operation of the system

  • Accuracy and completeness ensuring that the operator never has to resort to a calculator or “cheat sheet” to give the customer the price he/she deserves. Correct calculations make for happy human interface worker and satisfied customers

  • Real-time access to information straight from the POS. Any retail employee can easily find information for customers at the tip of their fingers, minimising inconvenience and maximising customer satisfaction

  • Permission and role based functionality for security



Cash Sales. Simple fast and efficient


Layby sales. These are common in Fashion chains and Department stores


Charge sales. Charge sales are a powerful alternative to discounting and improve margin, loyalty and store traffic. POS supports full access to the current status of any customer account (Debtor, GiftCard, Loyalty, Credit note etc). Where there is a value it can be applied to the current transaction with a single click. Customer identification can be supported by photos taken at the POS.


Order. Ontempo store is a full member of the Multichannel retail offering. POS will support ordering in store for home delivery, pickup in this store or any other. POS can look up webstore orders and support returns or exchanges based on the initial offer and payment terms.


Multiple Dockets. It is common for a customer to want to make a payment on a Layby and purchase an additional item. In most cases this will require two transactions and two payments. With Ontempo store there is only one payment required.


Loyalty schemes are supported, providing the store assistant with visibility of customer loyalty account information.


Promotions and offers. Ontempo supports the most powerful promotions that we can envisage and the list grows steadily. The concept of customer "best  price" is supported.

Upsells. POS supports upsells and cross sells as and can display images in the POS to prompt store assistants with items to suggest.


Store in Store. Many retailers and Centre owners recognise that the most valuable asset they have is the number of feet on the floor. It is becoming common for retailers (especially Department stores) to offer concession stores set up in part of the building. Ontempo store can support several inventory back offices (owners of the stock) in the one POS lane and thus shoppers can pick up items in any concession or the main store and make a single payment for all of them.


POS formats. Ontempo store is designed to be reconfigured to support the type of retail. In many cases it is common to purchase two or more different POS to handle (say standard retail and Cafe). Ontempo store can be configured to act as a different device with different keyboard (eg touch screen), devices (eg scales) but still deliver all of the standard integrated functionality required.

Mobile Apps. Managers have access to real-time sales across all stores vs budget. Visibility down to individual sales person level allows managers to be closer than ever to their teams to celebrate and motivate.

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