Complete Retail Management Software Package

Real-time Reporting

Stock Ordering and Management

Customer Loyalty


Integrate with any Point of Sale, Warehouse and Ecommerce Platform

Fully operational offline in case of loss of communications



Ontempo Retail is a customer focused, multi-channel retail business management system, designed to manage all retail facets of the business - inventory, customers, personnel, store, warehouse management, and a comprehensive built-in data warehousing functionality for effective retail business intelligence.



Install Ontempo Retail to reduce staff, control inventory, manage your business. A single application that can be used by all of your customer facing staff (including webstore and Call Centres) to deliver the best in customer service and empowerment. Webstore behaviour is visible to Store staff and store behaviour is immediately reflected in webshop functionality. Multi Channel rewards for example are immediately available and visible to store staff and for customer queries.


Ontempo Retail minimises processes. There is no requirement to transfer any data by reentry for example as is common with disparate systems.


Ontempo Retail has access to your entire supplychain. Supplier orders are visible across the business and can be integrated with the operation in both store and webstore. Current stock in the entire business is available to display in the webshop and on POS. Based on rules back orders can be accepted to maximise sales and customer satisfaction.





Ontempo Retail is the best Retail RMS for fashion and multichannel retail. We integrate all channels to deliver a single view of the business from a single Microsoft database. Customer behaviour is updated online and is accessible from any point in the buisiness.


If you want to get the Right Product in the Right Place at the Right Time at the right price then Ontempo Retail is your tool.




​​Integrated online POS. Sales are updated as they are made Nation wide and internationally. Immediate view of staff, customer and inventory behaviours.


Integrated Webstore. Orders are available for fulfilment as soon as they are placed. Fulfilment through DC (ship to customer), Store (POS or Pickup point), 3PL, Indent to supplier. Reverse logistics supported by return, store, 3PL.


Support for all payments including Credit Terms and Gift cards that can be sold, redeemed and recharged in store and online.


Powerful Loyalty that empowers and enrols staff and customers



Inventory Management. Unless you have accurate detailed, timely and reliable data about your inventory by SKU, you are flying blind and many retailers have recently exited the business through customer changes and lack of clarity for a response. Ontempo Retail has immediate and accurate data by SKU and this is available across the business to maximise sales and enrol staff and customers.


Sales analysis. Ontempo Retail has never focused on Sales Analysis. The application has been built in the belief that the system should control the myriad of detail and Management should control the exceptions, the areas where bad decisions need to be weeded out immediately, and the areas where opportunity arises. Despite the GFC of the 2007-2012 period, good retailers have been succeeding and growing their businesses and profitability. Ontempo Retail offers reports and BI applications that focus on the exception areas. Empowerment of the staff and even the customer is supported by for example being able to show accurate stock by SKU in each branch in the webstore. Customers can choose to visit the store, call the store, purchase online for delivery through the store thus meeting their goals and the retailers objectives.


Customers. Ontempo Retail is a Customer Centric application. The customer is core to every function and every action is recorded in the system as a transaction. While not a traditional CRM, customer contacts are supported through notes and these can be exposed to the staff in stores or call centres ensuring recognition, accuracy and timely action. Customers are offered a number of ways to communicate and the preferred method will be used where appropriate. Immediate update and advice of rewards is available through SMS for example and these are immediately available on the webstore or in store.



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