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Historically webshops have been replaced or updated every 3 years or so. When this happens all of the website data and any customer history may be returned to you, but there is no simple way to reuse it.


CommerceConnect is an Omnichannel Integration System (OIS) which adds webshop decoration (Text, Images, Specifications etc) to your basic inventory data and allows you to upload to a webshop. It builds a digital asset that you can reuse, move from place to place and point at new or different marketplaces preserving and extending the life of your investment.



A webshop runs on a collection of data that can be very large. It needs basic details such as product codes, basic descriptions and prices that will normally have been extracted in some way from an ERP or other accounting system. It is then decorated with additional text, references, specifications, images and film which may have come from various places some of which may become unavailable over time.


Most Webshops are great at taking orders and collecting payment but apart from that they are difficult and tedious to load and do not attempt to fulfil orders at all.


Customers place orders on websites in the expectation of receiving product - quickly and efficiently.  CommerceConnect is the application for webshop integration between any ERP and any webshop and handles as much of the fulfilment as it is required to do.



CommerceConnect is a cloud tool (SaaS) that builds digital assets and uploads them onto the chosen website (Magento is the most common). When the website takes an order it will pass the details to CommerceConnect which may be configured to fulfil the order in several ways. This can range from EDI interfaces to picking slips.



​Tight integration with Magento Webstore allows immediate upload of agreed data to the website


Ability to download Categories from the website


Ability to "scrape" data from Magento


Interfaces to other Marketplaces exist or can be built


Order Tracking supporting multiple suppliers and multiple shippers including 3PL. Partial shipments, refunds and returns supported.



Base Module. The Base module includes Azure Hosting, the ability to create customised product, order and customer masterfile structures. Interfaces allow for building up core data through ERP files or Web service interfaces, spread sheets, or entry. Product Reviews and Ratings can be downloaded from the Website. Customer Orders are imported from the webshop as they are completed. CommerceConnect supports multiple product suppliers and/or multiple fulfilment models. A single order may be fulfilled by one or more shippers. A single supplier may elect to use a different shipper for part of the supplier's product range. Basic inventory is included that can import refreshes from ERP on a scheduled basis, and the current state uploaded into the webshop. CommerceConnect base module is interfaced to Xero.


Digital assets are built up in CommerceConnect and uploaded to the website. Products may be configured with a subset of website (eg Magento) attributes and those attributes loaded into CommerceConnect. Each customer can have a different database and each product may be as simple or complex as applicable. Any decorations (images, text, hypertext, specifications, values, webshop categories etc) are stored in the Azure Cloud and are the property of the owner. They can be interfaced to several other websites and additional interfaces can be developed as appropriate.


Order Tracking. CommerceConnect supports the need for the website to only sell what can be delivered. It stores a daily or more frequent inventory status from the ERP and then calculates the balance available from orders and fulfilment updates. This availability is passed to the website periodically or the website can call a service. Orders are placed on the webshop and based on rules (paid, pre-authorised or not paid for example) will be imported into CommerceConnect. Status changes in the orders are updated into the webshop and customer emails including Track&Trace on shipping are generated by the webshop. Orders are passed to shippers (via files, emails, service calls as appropriate) and when completed the shipper will update CommerceConnect. Where there has been a paid order and a short shipment, CommerceConnect will update the webshop and where possible can refund all or part of the payment


Order Fulfilment. Future development.  Where the business does not have a suitable ERP or does not wish to integrate to one, CommerceConnect can process the fulfilment as appropriate. This may include picklists, packing slips, invoices, courier labels and manifests. Complex orders including Gifts, wrapping, Gift cards will be supported. CommerceConnect will support a minimal inventory management application including interfaces to POS and/or wireless warehousing. Payments including PreAuthorisation and Charge on shipment are available with supported payment gateways.


CRM. CommerceConnect will support a limited CRM based on customer order behaviour. eCommerce behaviour is supplied by the website. Interfaces to CRM packages are included. Future development will extend this functionality as requirements are identified. Loyalty processes will require scoping and quotation.

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